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Stacie Collins says

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January 2020
I never post reviews on anything, ever, so the fact that I’m even writing this should say just how strongly I feel about having partnered with Tricia Whitehead as my realtor. When I found myself unexpectedly needing a new home for myself and my four kids with not much time or money, Tricia rose to the challenge. She made what could have been a scary and stressful situation an exciting adventure for us all, guiding us through every step of the process and treating us as if we were her only clients at the time (and we were far from it!). The end result was a beautiful new home that we already love even more than our old home…something we never dreamt possible. If you are on the fence about who to pick for a realtor, whether buying or selling, I can promise you you won’t regret going with Tricia.
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